Turtlerock Homeowners Association

Board meeting Thursday August 16

Turtlerock Homeowners Association

Welcome to the Official Turtlerock HOA website.  We are located at 2627 Westchester Dr., Arlington, TX 76015.  Our association consists of 111 individually owned townhomes.  Our contact phone number is 817-860-5840.  We look forward to hearing from you.



For Sale:      3 round wood tables, 4' diameter,  $10.00 each

                     green plastic high-back patio chairs $5.00 each

                     patio umbrellas $5.00 and $10.00 each

call Helpline 817.860.5840 if interested



Some pictures from the 2017 Christmas party (guess who is Santa) and 2016 Christmas party under 'our info'.



Aug 16: Board meeting
Sep 1: Clubhouse rental
Sep 3: Labor Day cookout
Sep 15: Clubhouse rental
Arlington, Texas 76015
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